Rogovy Foundation

26.2 to Life: The San Quentin Prison Marathon is the recipient of the Rogovy Foundation’s Winter 2018 Miller/Packan Documentary Film Fund award

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GQ magazine

Inside the San Quentin Prison Marathon

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USA Today

Marathon behind bars: 105 laps around the prison yard is how some show repentance

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Running 26.2 Miles Inside San Quentin State Prison

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fox ktvu

Coverage on the San Quentin Prison Marathon Documentary with director Christine Yoo and assistant coach Kevin Rumon

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KGO-810AM with Chip Franklin

On air with Bill Pillars

Bill Pillars is a former 1000 Mile club member and a subject of the San Quentin Prison Marathon Documentary

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Competitor magazine

Running Inside The Walls Of San Quentin State Prison

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The Marshall Project

Marathon Man: A lifer takes up running to “earn back” his life

Written by Jonathan, a member of the 1000 Mile Club and the San Quentin News

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Outside Online

Why I Run in Prison

Written by Rahsaan, a member of the 1000 Mile Club and the San Quentin News

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cbs sf bay area

San Quentin Prisoners Train For Marathon In Chase For Redemption 

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Canadian Running

Former San Quentin lifer could be headed to Boston

A record 23 men finished this year's prison marathon, with winner Markelle running 3:10:42, a new course record and five-and-a-half-minute personal best